Soft Gears
Production:  Net art for audiovisual installation.  Creative Direction, Web Development: Rucyl Mills, Meina Kalayeh.

Audiovisual performance and installation at Made Studio in Philadelphia, First Friday Gallery Walk, November 2015. Visuals were web-based, CSS3 animation guided by jQuery interaction. Music performed live by Rucyl using Ableton Live + Moog Voyager.

Mobile Application:  Development, Creative Direction: Meina Kalayeh, Rucyl Mills.

Staffer bridges the gap between EMRs, direct care hours reporting, and clinical quality data using a minimal interface with robust features.

The Mandinga Experiment
Production:  Live visuals for concert. Creative Direction, Editing, Live Performance:  Rucyl Mills

Percussionist/vocalist Alex Shaw's collaborative tribute to the cultural legacy of the Afro-Brazilian martial art Capoeira Angola.  Accompanied by live vintage visuals and featuring musicians, dancers, and capoeiristas from both Brazil and the U.S., The Mandinga Experiment is an amalgamation of original compositions and contemporary interpretations of traditional Afro-Brazilian rhythms and songs.

Corpse Pose Vintage
Creative Direction, Photography: Meina Kalayeh.

Showcasing curated vintage apparel in the abandoned parts of the Philadelphia Navy Yard.


Web Development
Strategy, Design and Development:  Rucyl Mills, Meina Kalayeh
We provide content and branding strategy, design, and development for artists and small businesses. We deliver responsive sites that function across all browsers and devices.

West Persia is Meina Kalayeh & Rucyl Mills.